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Hostel Details   

                            Limited seats in separate hostels for girls and boys are available. Separate women’s and men’s hostels are available for students attending classes in both Vidyanagar and Riverside campuses. The hostels run their own mess on sharing basis. The menu is decided by the students themselves on consensus. Sports and Recreation facilities are provided in the hostels. Hostelites are allowed to stay on campus beyond the regular hours on obtaining special permission from the wardens concerned. CUK believes in creating a home away from home in its hostels.There are four (2 for Girls and 2 for Boys) transit hostels with provision for accommodating over 100 students. Accommodation in both Women’s hostel and Boys’ hostel falls much short of the demand and efforts are being made for extension of the existing buildings and construction of new buildings.The Students Mess Committee under the guidance of the hostel warden conducts hostel Mess. The Hostels are situated outside the campus.
Process of enrolment in hostels
If you need accommodation in a hostel, you are to collect a prescribed application form at the time of admission and submit the duly filled in application to the Office of the Dean of Students. Two passport size photographs are to be submitted to the office of the Dean of Students at the time of hostel admission. Any application of a boarder to any officer must be forwarded through the Hostel Superintendent.The mess is completely run by the students on a shared basis. The student mess committees run the hostel mess. You are to pay a deposit of Rs. 2000/- to join the mess.Hostel–boarders are to abide by the hostel rules framed from time to time.

For details click on the below links:
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Fee Details 2017-18: Fee Details.pdf
Hostel fee Exempted for SC/ST Students:
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Hostel Allotment for the Year 2017-18: Hostel Allotment17.pdf
Second Hostel Allotment for the Year 2017-18: Hostel Allotment2.pdf 
Hostel accomodation of Ph.D : Circular.pdf

First Allotment of Hostel 2016-2017Hostel details.pdf
Second Allotment of Hostel 2016-2017 : Second Allotment.pdf
Additional Allotment of Hostel 2016-2017 : Additional Allotment.pdf
New Hostel Allotment List : Hostel Allotment.pdf
Undertaking Regarding Compliance to Hostel Regulations : Undertaking.pdf
Application Format for Accomodation in Hostels : Appication Format.pdf

Notice:Time schedule for shift Hostel material to new Hostel Periye : Time schedule.pdf


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